Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gabriel is in remission!

Received this message today from Tom Sullivan about little Gabriel! For regular updates, go to his website here.

Hi All,
In the midst of the trials Gabriel is currently going through, there is some very good news...

Gabriel's bone marrow biopsy from Day 29 came back with 0% Leukemia cells. This is excellent news. It basically means they have achieved remission in under 30 days. We are now awaiting the results of a MRD (Minimal Residual Disease) test which is basically a high powered microscope that can see things deeper in the bone marrow than the normal lab can.The current results also placed Gabriel in a Low Risk category. This means his treatment and amount of drugs will not need to be as severe as the standard or high risk categories.

They continue to dial in tighter on Gabriel's specific type of Leukemia. His long term treatment is becoming more clearly defined with his current schedule of treatment set to last for 3.4 years.Gabriel's cancer treatments have also been suspended until he completes his current battle with Shingles. Currently the Shingles are located in the small of his back and progress along the nerve track leading down his right side and down his right leg. Doctors hope the medications will stop it from spreading to the rest of his body and therefore reducing the pain he feels due to the amount of surface area effected. He is still struggling with fever but his pain level is low and he is handling it very well. Thank you again for all your prayers and support.


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elena maria vidal said...

We will keep praying for darling Gabriel. Tomorrow begins the Sacred Heart novena.