Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pulling the Wool Over... My Head?

This afternoon I called my sister Kathy to see if she had survived the flooding (she lives in the NorthEast), and she said to me, "Say, you remember a year ago or so you asked me what I thought about covering my head in church? At the time I didn't see the point . .. but I'm thinking about it now." Turns out, she went to a women's conference in which the speaker told a story that made Kathy think twice:

One day a farmer went out to the field and discovered that his flock was in trouble. One of the newborn lambs had died, and another had been rejected by its mother (different animal). The farmer tried to get the rejected lamb to go to the ewe that had lost hers, but she would have none of it. The lamb was dying, and the farmer had to do some fast thinking.

Quickly, he skinned the dead lamb, and wrapped the wool around the rejected one, smearing the living lamb with blood from the dead one. Miraculously, the mother sniffed the lamb, and allowed it to nurse. The covering made the lamb acceptable to its mother.

"I've been thinking that wearing a covering on my head might be symbolic of the spiritual covering [in baptism] of Christ," Kathy said to me.

I think she's right. Just as the priest (a man) represents Christ, victim and priest, so we as women represent the Bride. Our true glory, then, is not our hair... but the covering that restores us to eternal life.

Just a thought. Thanks, Kathy.

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